An area of growth for this initiative is in our statewide advocacy efforts, which we are now launching, Our goal is to engage legislators and community stakeholders to identify policy changes that will move court systems towards gender-responsive care. We use data to increase the visibility of the coalition with other girl-focused efforts in the state, leveraging relationships and interested stakeholders. Members of the coalition already have relationships with some cross-sector stakeholders such as these, but a dedicated effort is needed to grow these relationships into strategic partnership for policy reform. 


Our Coalition is currently reviewing reforms that could address the following areas:

  • Warrants and detention stays for running away 
  • Detention stays for probation violations (particularly those related to no contact orders). 
  • Custody arrests for domestic violence and detention booking policies 
  • Funding for truancy and at-risk youth programming to prevent justice-involvement 


Quality Assessment 

The Coalition is currently collaborating with the Oregon Coalition of Advocates for Equal Access and the Crittenton Foundation to develop an adaptation for their original, residential-based tool for probation services. The adaptation is expected to pilot this spring in two courts in Washington State.