Ann Muno, Executive Director

In 1995, Ann bought a low-fare airline ticket and boarded a plane for Beijing, China to attend the United Nations Women’s Conference, and has had the privilege of doing girl’s empowerment ever since .  Her social work experience spans the past twenty years, including work with schools and community organizations, and is rooted in a deep commitment to the next generation of girls. As a founder of Seattle-based Powerful Voices, Ann had the opportunity to see girls take hold of their potential and flourish, staff and volunteers create educationally exciting spaces for girls, and the community invest in girls' lives. Taking these discoveries and putting pen to paper, Ann published articles that capture what works to empower girls in academic, peer-reviewed journals including Social Work in Education, Crime & Delinquency and After School Matters. Ann continues to lead the call as the Executive Director for The Justice for Girls Coalition of Washington State. 


Barbara Carr

Barbara Carr is the Juvenile Court Administrator for Jefferson County, Washington. Barbara’s contributions to juvenile justice work include serving as the chair of the Washington State Community Juvenile Accountability Act (CJAA) Advisory Committee for 10 years. The CJAA Committee promotes, advises and oversees the expansion, quality control and outcome research of state funded evidenced-based programs in Washington’s juvenile courts. Barbara is currently a Co-Chair of the Civil and Dependency Committee of WAJCA (Washington Association of Juvenile Court Administrators); serving on the Environmental Assessment Team that provides ongoing assessment and support to juvenile courts for better outcomes in evidenced-based programming; is a board member of Washington State CASA; and board member for the Jefferson County Y. Recently, Barbara was appointed to Governor Inslee’s Blue Ribbon Commission on the Delivery of Services to Children and Families. Barbara resides in Port Townsend, WA where she enjoys a beautiful view from her office perch in Jefferson County’s circa 1890 courthouse. Her finding of meaningful purpose in this work comes from her interaction with girls throughout her years in the justice system, and by virtue of her experience as a mother to Samantha and now grandmother to Zoe.

LeeAnn Delk

LeeAnn Delk is the current director of the Ridgeview Group Home, a girl-only residential center for girls committed to long term placement through the state Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration. As director, Ms. Delk has pioneered efforts to incorporate gender-responsive reforms in her facility. Through the Justice for Girls Coalition she provides training on working with girls through the Beyond Pink conference and the Criminal Justice and Training Commission and is a highly rated and impactful trainer in this area.  

Susan Waild


Sarah Cusworth Walker

Sarah Cusworth Walker, Ph.D. is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, School of Medicine with over a decade experience conducting juvenile justice reform program development and research. Her gender-focused work includes an adaptation of Aggression Replacement Training (ART) for girls in collaboration with six juvenile courts in the state and the Quality Assurance director of ART. The project was recently awarded an R21 innovation grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse for a two year trial. Dr. Walker has been the principal investigator on 14 research grants spanning program and policy research. She collaborates closely with state legislators and national policy organizations (National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice, MacArthur Foundation, Vera Institute) to promote diversion strategies for youth with behavioral health disorders. She also first-authored an adaptation guidebook for cultural responsiveness and publishes on efforts to improve juvenile court work with girls and youth of color. Dr. Walker also facilitated that development of an onsite court program for parents/guardians of justice-involved youth that is being replicated in three juvenile courts in Washington State and has been presented to national audiences through webinars and professional conferences.   


Coalition Members

Since its founding, the Coalition has brought together advocates, academics, policy-makers and groups working with girls from across the state to improve our work with girls.  Members include:  

Region X Office on Women’s Health








Center for Children & Youth Justice

Spokane County Juvenile Court

Jefferson County Juvenile Court

Pierce County Juvenile Court

Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice

King County Juvenile Court