Vision, History, & Values

Our Vision: Washington State is a leader in offering practices, programs, and policies tailored for girls facing adversity so they can overcome obstacles, access opportunities, and secure a purposeful future.

Our Coalition launched in 2007 when the Washington State House of Representatives' Health and Human Services convened a hearing Trends in the Treatment of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System. Testimony included data on female themselves. Representative Mary Lou Dickerson asked the panel to make follow-up recommendations on what the state can do to better support girls in prevention and intervention services. The group now convenes bi-monthly to share finding and inform strategic direction that relate to data, training, standards, new programs, evaluation and collaborations. 

We believe:

  • Gender matters. Along with other individual factors like ethnicity, age, disability, and background, a youth's visible gender and gender identity affect how they respond to the world and how the world responds to them.

  • Racial equity, youth voice and ally-ship are the fabric of - not an add-on to - our work.

  • Scrutiny makes us better. Our work is open to evaluation for improving impact.

  • Innovation is required. Our work should push boundaries and encourage new thinking and practice. Innovation and using Washington State data to promote better outcomes for girls should lead to continuity of care for girls across systems and greater economic opportunities;

  • Collaboration creates synergy. We can get further by partnering and learning from others than we can on our own.